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Family / Consumer Services

It is unfortunate in this day and age that are families are targets or crime everyday. Every day children are exposed to pornography online, and consumers are targeted by scams and fraud. Furthermore, technology has eliminated the traditional borders that we once enjoyed and made it that much easier for us to become victims. As a result we have to remain vigilant to protect ourselves and our familes.

HDRS can help you to do just that.

Starting at home, HDRS provides the ability to protect your children and your family unit by offering a several very important services:

  • Pornography image detection

  • Chat log retrieval

  • Cell phone anaylsis

All of these services can be completed in a short amount of time to allow for discrection in protecting your loved ones. But just as importantly, each service in that short time can identify potentials areas of concern for your family. Do not allow yourself to become a victim.

HDRS also provides consumer level education seminars (ranging in duration from 1 to 8 hours ) on internet fraud, computer crime prevention, protecting children online, cell phone awareness and social networking.

Contact is to schedule anyone of these services for your family, or one of the educational seminars for your group.

Other Services:

Data Recovery

Computer Forensics

Data Destruction